3 Easy Steps You Might Not Have Thought of When Preparing for a Hurricane

These extra steps can save you thousands of dollars and several headaches down the line.

Many Palm Beach County residents are under the impression that preparing for a hurricane requires a trip to Publix or Walmart to grab things like water, batteries, flashlights, and canned goods.

While all of these things are important and vital to getting you and your family safely through a hurricane, there are other necessary steps that you should consider taking. These extra steps can save you thousands of dollars and several headaches down the line.

In this post, we’ll show you 3 Easy Steps You Might Not Have Thought of When Preparing for a Hurricane.


1. Take as Many Pictures of Your Property as Possible.

We’ve seen time and time again that property owners are quick to take pictures of any damages that occur once a storm has struck, but it’s much smarter to take pictures of the current state of your property well before the storm is near.

This makes it somewhat easier to show your insurance provider the prior condition of the property and how damages should be properly restored. These pictures should also be taken every couple of months and especially when changes have been made to your property such as repairs or upgrades of any kind.


2. Assess Your Property’s Risks.

Before a storm strikes, we suggest doing a complete walk-around of your property to assess the current conditions and potential risks. Are you located in a flood zone? Do you have trees located close to your house that could potentially fall onto your structure and cause damage?

Take a look around your property and consider questions like these. The more you can stay one step ahead of any potential damages, the better.


3. Prepare Your Property For Impact

Hurricanes can start out as low intensity, low-risk situations and can shift and turn into terrible Category Three or Four hurricanes very quickly. Your local news may have you believing that the storm is manageable and not a threat and so you prepare accordingly.

As seen from previous hurricanes, if the storm escalates, you might not have enough time to prepare for larger, more forceful winds. These type of cases happen all the time and the results can be devastating.

The lesson here is to prepare for at least one hurricane category above what is predicted. Therefore, if you hear the storm is expected to be a Category Two hurricane when it hits landfall, you should prepare for at least a Category Three storm. That way you’ll be protected whether it remains a two or escalates to something worse.


Call a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster First

If a storm strikes, your first inclination may be to call your insurance provider to report the claim. While this makes sense, you should call an experienced public insurance adjuster first. As advocates for policy holders, public insurance adjusters work hard to ensure policyholders receive a fair settlement, one that will properly restore any damages.

The team at Lightman and Fields has been handling property damage claims for over 25 years now. We have experience dealing with hurricane damage claims and have a track record of exceptional results. For more information, or help with a property damage claim, please call 561-627-3089 or schedule your free consultation online.