Tips: Preparing for Storm Damage

Useful tips to help you prepare for possible storm damage.

When your home or business suffers damage caused by a storm of any kind, from tropical storms to blizzards, being caught without a safety net that protects your life and your investments can be more catastrophic than the act itself. The key to filing and successfully receiving just compensation for your loss is to have everything prepared before the event happens. Here are five things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your assets before, during and after a storm.

Prepare and keep documentation on all of your assets.

  • Take photos of everything you own of significant value, including jewelry, appliances, computers, furniture, etc.
  • Take multiple-shot photos of the inside and outside of your home, every room and every section, including foundation, roof, pool, sheds and fences, among other things
  • Keep a written inventory of every item of value in your home, complete with brand name/model/serial number, as well as purchase date, location and price
  • Scan all vital documentation for everyone in your home, including license, passport, birth certificates, etc.
  • Then, upload it all into a secure cloud storage so that the information is safe to reference to for the claim.


Create a family emergency plan and make sure everyone knows it and has access to it.

In case of an emergency, it is vital that everyone in the family knows where to go in case contact is lost, what numbers to call, what evacuation routes should be taken, and what procedures to follow.

Hire all contractors you might need for your home or business before anything happens.

Waiting to interview and hire contractors just as everything has happened means a lot of unreturned phone calls and long waits. Have landscapers, electricians and handymen lined up in case anything happens, so you can get back to normal day-to-day as soon after the storm as you can.

Prepare emergency bags for each family member ahead of time

So you can be ready for an evacuation at any given time. Include clothes, toiletries and medications just in case. It will also save time when you’re attempting to evacuate your home or business.

Be sure to understand exactly what’s happening.

Familiarize yourself with information, terminology and area procedure for storms, hurricanes, etc. Be sure you’re equipped with the right information so that you know what to do in the event of an emergency.

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