Water Damage Claim Resolved in Tequesta, FL

Read how Lightman & Fields can help get you the settlement you deserve.

We hear all of the problems regarding insurance companies not paying their claims in cases involving water damage claims or other structural damage, or not paying enough to help people cover the cost of their loss. In addition, sometimes the adjusters involved with the insurance agency will try to “short cut” the work and use cheaper materials for the repairs needed to return the property back to normal.

When the woman received extensive water damage under the foundation of her townhouse, she asked the insurance company to come out and do an estimate for the damage done to her floor in order for them to look at the foundation under the townhouse. The adjuster with the insurance company stated that he could match and replace the 4-6 tiles that were most effected and just work on those. Unfortunately, this was not enough to repair the extensive damage done by the water damage, the tiles they used were not even close to the originalsLightman & Fields would not accept this.

Lightman & Fields, public insurance adjusters, work with people to get them what they deserve from their insurance claim – which typically means more for the damages. The Lightman & Fields team went out to the ladies’ house in Tequesta and they stated, after looking at the situation that what the insurance company was proposing to do was not acceptable. The woman had originally been awarded about two thousand dollars for the original settlement. Lightman & Fields challenged the insurance agency on the woman’s behalf and the won settlement getting her an additional forty five hundred dollars based on their investigation which included they replace all the tile, not just damaged pieces.

Great insurance claims adjusters work for the people to get them what they need to repair the damage correctly and restore it to its original state. A settlement from an insurance claim should be enough to fix the damage, not just put a band-aid on it.

When you are looking for the best insurance claims adjuster in Florida, try Lightman & Fields first. We have a history of getting policy holders fair compensation for property damage by having their inspectors work with the insurance agency on the policy holder behalf, and we will challenge the insurance company’s findings, if need be, to get the right amount for the policy holder so that they can repair the damage and get on with their lives.

Lightman & Fields has been serving Floridians since 1986 by providing expert advice and claims adjustment services for victims of property damage problems. We know the law and are highly knowledgeable of the insurance industry and what we can get for you. We represent you-the policy holder-and our goal is to get you the money you deserve to take care of your property damage as quickly and efficiently as possible!