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Denied & Underpaid Claims

While dealing with damages or theft can be devastating, fighting for the proper settlement can be even more stressful. With Lightman and Fields on your side, it's not too late to get a fair settlement that you deserve from denied or underpaid claims. 

If your claim has been denied or grossly underpaid, Lightman and Fields Public Adjusters can review the loss, the cause of the loss, and we can protect your rights to help you get the settlement you deserve. 

An experienced public adjuster for the job

As your claims advocate we will:

  • Review the policy and provide advice as to what you are legally entitled to
  • Fully document the claim and present it to the insurance company
  • Provide the insurance company with a detailed repair estimate 
  • Provide the physical inventory and appraisal of all damaged personal property
  • Provide experts if needed to support the claim 
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement 
  • Keep you apprised of ongoing settlement efforts
  • Relieve you of the stress and hardship of having to do it alone

You need someone on your side who has a better understanding of your insurance policy; someone who understands the applicable provisions in your case, and someone who understands the mountains of complex forms and the deadlines and the fine print. You need someone who can effectively and solidly secure a fair settlement in your case, a settlement that is in your favor. 

There could be several reasons why your insurance company denied your claim or settled on a lower settlement. Some of those causes could include:

  • The insurance company adjuster could have used the wrong information.
  • The insurance company may have incomplete information about your property damage claim.
  • There may be a misunderstanding between you and the insurance company.
  • The evidence for the claim was cast-off in some way.
  • The wrong information may have been written down by the insurance company adjuster.

public adjuster who is hired during the claims process may have the opportunity to help you to receive a better and more fair settlement for your losses that are covered under your policy. Even after you receive a settlement, our public adjusters could work for your benefit to get a higher amount for your losses.

Policyholders who used a public adjuster on catatrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747% - OPPAGA Report

How Lightman & Fields Can Help You

Have you filed a claim with your insurance company, and are dissatisfied with the results? We can help you understand the reason for underpaid or denied claims and receive the settlement that you lay claim to.


We'll take the time to study and review your policy to make sure we fully understand your policy's coverage.


We'll help you to get a full estimate of all of your damages to bring to your insurance company.


Our team at Lightman & Fields will fight for you to get your claim adjusted to maximize your settlement.


Get what you deserve out of your settlement by working with our team at Lightman & Fields.

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