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Residential Property Claims

As a homeowner, are you prepared for the lengthy, complicated and time-consuming task of filing a property damage or property loss claim with your insurance company in the event of residential damage?

Whether the claim is for a fire or hurricane damage, the process for filing a claim on residential property is tedious, made no less complicated by the flood of emotion and shock left behind by the damage, depending on its severity.

At Lightman & Fields, we understand the complexities of the insurance claim process from all angles, and we are ready to help you obtain fair compensation for the damage to your home.

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Property Damage Claims

When filing an insurance claim, your best way to earn a fair settlement is to call a public insurance adjuster before calling your insurance. Our public adjusters work on behalf of you, the policy holder, and can get you a fair settlement.


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What to Expect

It’s important for homeowners to understand that there are several steps involved in filing a residential claim. This should encourage them to be proactive in preparing as much as they can for this kind of loss, just in case it ever happens. What can homeowners expect during the lengthy process of a residential claim?

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  • Expect to stay in a temporary home, depending on the damage.
  • Expect many tight deadlines, forms and tasks to be completed.
  • Expect to attend lots of meetings and phone calls from contractors, adjusters, insurance reps, etc. 
  • Expect to write a complete inventory list of your property including cost and replacement value.
  • Expect to receive lower offers of compensation from the insurance company.