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We work diligently on your behalf toward a more favorable adjustment and final settlement.

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Lightman & Fields has been representing damage victims in Palm Beach County for over 25 years. 

At Lightman & Fields, we understand the urge to file a claim quickly, and though we’ll gladly re-evaluate an offered settlement, we urge you to seek our guidance before filing a claim. This simple decision could increase your settlement amount by thousands of dollars. Our experienced experts will provide accurate appraisals of all damaged property and negotiate your awarded sum to the best possible outcome with your insurance company. By coming to Lightman & Fields first, you can rest assured that everything will be handled right the first time.


How Can Lightman and Fields Assist You?

We will advise and assist you, the policyholder, in presenting your claim. Remember, in as much as the insurance policy puts the burden on you the insured to prove damages and to present a detailed account of your loss, having a licensed public insurance adjuster (or claims advocate) on your side, levels the playing field.

  • Providing relief and support to catastrophe victims since 1985
  • Technologically advanced evaluations of all damages
  • Professional and thorough claims presentations
  • Expert appraisals and itemization of personal property
  • Personal support and representation from the onset of damage to claim collection
  • The common goal for all Lightman & Fields employees is to obtain the best possible settlement for the victim not the insurance companies.


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